Welcome to Claymire Cottage

Introducing me, and the Plug Ugly Loveseat

Welcome to Claymire. It isn’t really a cottage, in anything but size. Its a post-war tract house. It probably doesn’t deserve a name, except that Claymire fits it so well!(the yard is VERY muddy in spring…) But it is home, and we like it here.

“We” is myself, mr husband, Rowley the retriever, princess Chippy the calico menace, and Mr Cookie, our aging tuxedo cat. Oh, and our grown son, for the time being….

I’m not sure I do anything of interest to other people, but I find  myself musing a bit while working on a project, and wondering if anyone else has ever done this or that, and if so, how did it come out, etc.  Such as, today I learned to make creamed vegetable soup from my mother-in-law. I know, it’s super easy, but I’d never done it before. (It was yum!)

So I thought perhaps I’d share a few of my “adventures” in home decorating, furniture refinishing (especially my thriftstore finds and Craiglist treasures!) Gardening, cooking, and generally attempting to make life fun and interesting in Claymire.

If you want to know more about me, I’ll blog on that later. For now, here’s my current project: Plug Ugly LoveSeat rescue!

I bought this yesterday through CL (Love!) for $40


Why you may ask? Because Claymire’s living room is only 13 feet wide, with a fireplace at one end and four doors and four windows. I need to save a little space. Why this little gem? It is very well made, the loose cushions will be easy to re-cover, and it was CHEAP! Ergo, no commitment if I hate it in a year!

Poor mr husband was appalled when I took him to pick it up. I could tell he was thinking I had lost my mind. Most of our furniture, while originally castoffs and thrift store finds, are arts and crafts, or 1920s, or art deco, or at least pretty pieces.

I knew it had potential. I want it to look more like this…

Tommy Bahama Home Royal Kahala


It’s got a long way to go!

I removed the spring platform, and got it down to just the wood frame. I think the cushions are salvageable, although they smell of basement. They are “airing” in the sun, after being soaked with Febreze and some stuff from the smoker’s shop that smells like fresh linen.

Here it is ready for painting…

getting a little better

a little better without her "wings"

We removed those faux “colonial wings” from the sides, and already she looks better. Tomorrow, she gets a coat of black satin paint. Please ignore the mess in the background; I’m working in the garage, and no one ever wants to return the beer bottles from the Dream Cruise last weekend!

I’ve got a long way to go before this little loveseat is anything like stylish. Think I can do it? Wish me luck!


About claymire cottage

I'm a museum curator who lives with a wonderful husband, Rowley the golden Retriever, and 2 cats; Mr. Cookie, and Mabel the Magnificent.

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