Silver for the Holidays

It’s been raining nearly nonstop here for three days (at least), and we actually have the air conditioner on just to dry the place out, so it is a little odd that I am posting on, of all things, Holiday Decor. I am always a little ambivalent toward decorating the house for Christmas. Even though I will move furniture and repaint at the drop of a hat (try me!), I really don’t like things out of place. Last year, we very nearly missed putting up a tree altogether.

I do love the lights, and the greenery outdoors, and snowmen. And all the decor, at other people’s homes. I love presents! But I don’t care for red and green, it always seems a little dull. When I was a little girl, I saw a tree like this:

I wanted this tree so bad when I was six!

Even better was this one:

I found this over at making it lovely (link here)

Wouldn't all your presents be better under this tree? I found this at Charles Phoenix!

I’m like a raven, drawn to shiny objects. My favorite crayons were, no surprise, silver and gold, and I could do with the bronze in a pinch. I still ooze over rhinestones. Christmas was the only time I could see these sparkley things in the real world, and the aluminum Christmas tree was the gaudy epitome of beauty to my childish eyes.

My parents, being traditional, would have none of it. We had a green plastic tree, my father referred to it as the Fuller Brush Tree. Occasionally, we had a real tree, but it was always a problem due to the dog drinking the water out of the reservoir.

We’re relatively traditional, too, but we usually come up with a theme for our tree. One year, it was all birds, or stars, or wild animals, or toys. This year, it is going to be silver!

My new-found passion for white Swedish decor, and my new best friend spray paint (thanks to Kate over at Centsational Girl-she’s awesome! (link here)), I had a few ideas….

These are our stocking holders. They are old, cast iron, and looking a little worse for wear. They are not at all shiney or exciting. I was ready to get rid of them when I cleaned the attic out.

I decided to try and give them an aged silver look. I have wanted to try the technique, and figured I couldn’t really hurt these.

sad little Christmas stocking holders...

a coat of flat black spray paint, a trick learned from mr husband when he used to paint miniatures:it took two coats to cover all the little partsThen a coat of metallic silver:

Even Santa looks happier silver!

They even got a "wow" from mr husband

Can’t wait to see them on the mantle with some new white stockings! Even though it is WAAAY early to think about Christmas, my workroom isn’t heated, so I need to do my painting before it is too cold. I love the way these turned out. I’m heading up to the attic to see what else I can scrounge up and give a silver sheen!

aren't they cute?

I’m glad I didn’t donate them before I tried this technique. I’ll be sure to post a picture when I finally decorate.

Now if I can just talk mr husband into buying me that pink aluminum tree….

What have you “saved” with spraypaint?And how do you like to decorate for the holidays?


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I'm a museum curator who lives with a wonderful husband, Rowley the golden Retriever, and 2 cats; Mr. Cookie, and Mabel the Magnificent.

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