Treasure Hunt!

With tomorrow the official first day of Fall, everyone must be cleaning out their garages, because there has been a glut of garage and estate sales lately. Last weekend, Mr Husband and I found a lovely vase for Claymire’s dining room and a hot blast Dietz lantern for his collection. Today I found this lovely:

Estate sale find!

A diamond in the rough, to be sure. It has chipped yellow paint and layers of dust. It was in the corner of a basement at an estate sale for only $10! My thrifty little heart skipped a beat…$10, and sturdy, with all original casters.

The mailbox of the sale house had a sign taped to it, saying, “don’t leave mail here for ____, ____ or ____ – they’re all dead!” I wonder what the story was there. Maybe I don’t want to know…

The house had several pieces of beautiful Mid-century furniture, including a big comfy chair and a pristine set of end tables. Did I buy those? No, I bought the junky cart out of the basement!

I have one vacant wall in the kitchen, just perfect for it. I have wanted something to go there for the longest time, but it is the wall where the kitties and Rowley’s food dishes are, and the only reasonable place for them the eat. This will be perfect-their dishes can still sit underneath, but I’ll gain some counter space.

The enameled top looked better before I got it out into the daylight...

I cleaned it up and gave it a light sanding, mostly to remove the dirt. I didn’t want to disturb the paint, which is undoubtedly lead-based. I’ll be sure to seal all painted surfaces really well. I painted the casters and the handle for the little drawer with Krylon’s aged bronze paint. I love the color of this paint.

The casters were rusty, but still turn fine

I started right in to paint, but it was running strangley. Never had that happen before, so I stopped, and went over the whole thing with some gray primer borrowed from my son’s model painting stash.

battleship gray primer

The drawer has cute little dividers built in, too, so there is a lot of surface to paint.

Waiting for primer to dry. I hate waiting!

I bought white epoxy enamel for the top. I sanded the top with very fine grit sanding block, mostly to get it clean. It is already pretty roughed up.

Two coats of enamel epoxy, and it looks like this:

Almost as good as new

It is a little off-center, since I still need to make room for the animal’s eating area

It probably had a flour bin underneath at one time, but that is long gone

The animals seem okay with the new arrangement, and it will be a great place for Mr Husband’s breadmaker once the epoxy cures.

apparently the Princess approves...

I can hardly wait to see what we find this weekend…



About claymire cottage

I'm a museum curator who lives with a wonderful husband, Rowley the golden Retriever, and 2 cats; Mr. Cookie, and Mabel the Magnificent.

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