Well, I’m finally over my pre-travel grouchiness, and was rewarded with a new mood-enhancer—-the first light snow!

It is only an inch, maybe less, but it is clinging to the trees and is so bright and beautiful.

Look at the trees - don't look at all the "stuff" we didn't get put away in time!

If spring is inspiring, so is this time of winter, for me at least. Especially since so many people around the neighborhood already put up their Christmas lights. I went for a walk last night, after dark, and it was just beautiful with the snow and the lights, it put me in the holiday spirit.

It’s the first winter for my new little conifers. I hope they are happy out there in the snow! The roses, however, look a little sad…

Mr Cookie isn't sure he wants to go out, but the princess Chippy is having a ball. Can you see her under the bench?

I even started decorating

We bought this brass vase, or whatever it is, when we were in Tennessee. It looks festive filled with non-breakable balls.

I love winter this time of year, and I don’t even mind scraping off the car. I feel a little different by mid-March, when it is gray and slushy and all the gardening catalogs have come in the mail, but now, it is perfect. Holiday lights, crisp walks in the woods, jeans and sweaters, toasty fires and dreaming of Christmas…it’s the best season in Michigan, except for autumn, of course!

Hope you are enjoying your preparation for the holiday season, whatever holidays you celebrate with your family.


About claymire cottage

I'm a museum curator who lives with a wonderful husband, Rowley the golden Retriever, and 2 cats; Mr. Cookie, and Mabel the Magnificent.

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