Library Table Project

One of the things I have been wanting since about forever is a library table. Especially an Arts and Crafts style, since that is our favorite type of furniture. A couple of years ago we found a great desk for mr husband’s office, and I’ve coveted it ever since!

Yesterday I found one on Craigslist (surprise, surprise!). I drove downtown to John King Books (if you haven’t heard of this place, click here to check them out!) to have a look, and bought it in an instant! It needs a little work, but it was a bargain.

I LOVE the little open shelves on the sides

I immediately starting cleaning it up. There are a few chips in the plywood, which is only on the inside bottom, and one piece of the top needs to be glued back on. Hard to see in the picture, but it’s missing here.

I should have turned the bottle around-it's Howard's Refinisher, my go-to product for almost all things!

The drawer was broken and needed to be completely re-glued.

Yes, I am gluing on the kitchen counter - it's too cold outside!

I don’t know what kind of metal the knobs are made from, but they look original.

Oh look, an ink stain!

I hope this table will be part of the solution for the odd corner of the living room. I’ve tried so many arrangements there over the past 14 years.

I love these cabinets, but this corner wasn't working for me

At one time the whole corner was book cases. And this one is from Christmas two years ago…

Christmas 2009 - ooh look, the kitchen isn't painted yet!

Hopefully this piece will finally pull it all together.

The entire top, as well as the base, needed to be reglued.

It took a lot of clamps!

We used a piece of wood underneath to keep it from buckling under the stress of the clamps. We used Elmer’s Wood Glue.

We wrapped them in waxed paper so the glue won't stick.

Next step, sanding, re-staining, and reattaching to the base.

We needed to rearrange the artwork a little, but fortunately, mr husband has a good eye, and some tools!

The library table/desk in its new home

I think the corner looks better this way, and the radio has a home. The radio is a Ward’s Airline super-hetrodyne from 1939, and it works!

The top of the table looks pretty good, now, after two days of gluing and clamping.

The lamp is from Salvation Army Thrift store.The little weaving is something I wove myself. The bowl full of balls I bought when I was a teenager, for a nickel at a yard sale. Rather surprising it has lasted this long!

What do you think, does the corner work now?



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I'm a museum curator who lives with a wonderful husband, Rowley the golden Retriever, and 2 cats; Mr. Cookie, and Mabel the Magnificent.

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