Christmas-in which my Luddite tendancies take a hit

Those of you who know me, know that I am not a friend of new technology. Rather, it is not my friend. Computers break in my presence, watches stop running, and I have an uncanny ability to jam a copier from six feet away. My cellphone is a Tracphone for mostly emergencies, although I did finally learn to send a text message this year! Which makes all the more remarkable the zeal with which I have embraced the latest Christmas gadgets that found their way under our tree (and into my heart) this year!

First off, we bought mr husband a new car. He was driving a seven-year old truck that didn’t even have automatic doors or windows (nor real turn signals, for that matter) No big deal. But this new car…wow!!! It has automatic everything, including an SD chip for music (yeah, I didn’t know what that was, either.) It has cool lights that pivot the direction you are turning, so you can see the curbs in the dark, and it has…wait for it….heated seats!!! We’ve entered the twentieth century only a decade late!

Soooo, all the CDs are being transferred to SD chip, and I admit, I was a little jealous. I mean, convenience and reduction in clutter!

I've got about 20 albums on here already!


Then Santa brought me an MP3 player. (I wasn’t completely sure what that did, either, but apparently I now can put all MY music on that – goodbye clutter!!! Maybe all the new stuff (including a sound bar for the TV) was giving my laptop an inferiority complex, because it decided to go belly-up on the 26th. So mr husband used some of his Christmas bonus to buy me a new one, on which I am typing this now. Wow. That’s all I can say. I didn’t mind my 6 year old Dell. It was only missing one key – the question mark – so I made sure to type mostly declarative sentences. This new one has the most amazing graphics! The pictures look so pretty! And it has a full keyboard!

It has one more feature that I wasn’t expecting – a BN Nook reader. Now folks, I readily admit I really didn’t want one – I thought they were dumb. I like to curl up with a good book, or magazine. I like something I can actually hold when I read. But hey, I gave it a shot.

Guess what? It’s pretty amazing. I found a book about a ruined house in Detroit, (63 Alfred Street, Where Capitalism Failed, by John Kossik) downloaded a free preview. looked it over, and bought the book. And there it is, right on the computer, and surprisingly easy to read, too!

only $9.99 at Barnes and Noble

All this has my head spinning with electronic giddiness. They are still strange and surprising to me, who spends a great deal of time living in the 1920s world of the museum, where radio was a new phenomena (and where would I be without THAT – I love radio!) I’m still getting used to my digital camera and marvelling at the functions of my DVR.

And I realize that none of these things are necessary – they aren’t going to ensure the survival of the human race, end hunger or even bring peace. They are tools, and like my dishwasher and vacuum cleaner, they can add to my enjoyment of life, and even learning.  On the whole, I have to admit that, while they are new-fangled gadgets, they are actually pretty cool.



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I'm a museum curator who lives with a wonderful husband, Rowley the golden Retriever, and 2 cats; Mr. Cookie, and Mabel the Magnificent.

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