The sadder side of hoarding

I’ve written about hoarding before, how the sheer sight of all the clutter makes me cringe. I know how it ruins lives and alienates people when “things” become more important than people. But what about animal hoarders?

Our little foster cat, we call her Mabel now, came from such a home. She had red, bleeding sores from flea bites, and her blood count was so low, she couldn’t be vaccinated. (She’s now doing great, and has been vaccinated and spayed-she’ll be up for adoption soon!)

At this time, there are 21 cats and 5 dogs still in the house, in various states of health, almost all needing to be removed and get some care.

she's squinting because I used a flash-black cats are hard to photograph!

Paws for Life Rescue, a group I have volunteered for off and on for almost a year, is working to get the animals removed and eventually adopted. At this time, several need booster shots, which will buy them some time to find a furrever home.

These are great cats who need a chance

The “owner” of the cats is a well-meaning but misguided individual who has a huge heart for animals, but is unable to see that he is not doing them any good in these overcrowded, flea-ridden conditions. These are cats that CAN find good loving homes. Please check out this link on facebook, and help if you can. $15 can buyboosters for one kitty.

thanks for having a heart. If you can, pass the information on via Facebook.


About claymire cottage

I'm a museum curator who lives with a wonderful husband, Rowley the golden Retriever, and 2 cats; Mr. Cookie, and Mabel the Magnificent.

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