Claymire is Getting a New Kitchen

Folks, for the past several months, mr husband and I have toyed with the idea of leaving Claymire for greener pastures. Local pastures, but greener, in that we considered purchasing an even older house, hoping for a bungalow or tudor revival with natural woodwork, stone, tile, and dripping with vintage character. Frankly, we could not find anything we liked any better than Claymire, and called off the search for a new home.

Whenever we found a home like this, it was in a not-so-great neighborhood, to say the least!

Whenever we found a home like this, it was in a not-so-great neighborhood, to say the least!

The above photo is NOT our house! (sniff!)

As a compromise, we decided to gut the kitchen and make it our perfect (as far as possible in the space allotted and without moving anything major) kitchen. Actually, we wandered into a kitchen display last week and gasped as we saw our dream kitchen. Kraftmaid craftsman cabinets, Lynchburg Cherry, with copper hardware, tall cabinets and elegant crown moulding. Even our son thought it was the perfect thing for the house.

They were similar to these, but even more beautiful, with little walnut square inlays in the corners, very arts and crafts

After dealing with reality – we could not have both the tall cabinets and the crown, the etched glass was ridiculously expensive (over $700 for one cabinet), and the total estimate of over $11,000 just for cabinets, we took a step back and reconsidered.

We found these:

These are the cabinets we ordered. Plainer, but still quality.

They’re all hardwood, plywood, with NO particle board or melamine. Our cost was less than half the estimate of the others.

We’re going with arts and crafts oil-rubbed bronze hardware, and are looking at a piece of grey-green granite with beautiful veining, not at all shiny, for the countertops.

This is the piece of granite we picked. It has a lot of green and grey and some darker streaks. It doesn't look that great in this picture.

A closeup of the granite. It is prettier than it looks here.

If anyone had ever suggested I would choose a cherry kitchen with granite, I would have laughed at them. But this is beautiful. We’re thinking white (or pale green) subway tile for backsplashes. We’ll be keeping the honey hickory floors, and the Italian Marble wall paint, as well as our light fixtures and appliances, which are only about a year old, anyway. We’re hoping to sell/give away the old cabinets, and probably the wonderful new steel roll-outs, as well. They won’t fit the new cabinets!

We aren’t changing the footprint, either, there’s no room for that, but we are putting a 12 inch cabinet between stove and fridge (finally!) Any advice, warnings, etc., from those who have done this, please pass them along! And stay tuned for progress on this (slightly) daunting process.


About claymire cottage

I'm a museum curator who lives with a wonderful husband, Rowley the golden Retriever, and 2 cats; Mr. Cookie, and Mabel the Magnificent.

3 responses to “Claymire is Getting a New Kitchen”

  1. Chris says :

    Can you please tell me the brand and door style of the cabinets you went with? Store or custom? They are beautiful ! Thank you !

    • claymire cottage says :

      Thanks, they’ve been up a year and a half and we love them. Believe it or not they are from Cabinets to Go in Detroit, I think they carry their own brands so I don’t have a name. They come flat-pack and you assemble them yourself. All plywood and hardwood (ours are cherry). No particle board .They have a lot of size options, but its all stock. I think we paid about $4500 for them. We bought crown moulding and a fridge wall to make the crown mouldings.

      • Chris says :

        Thank you so much! I am looking at the stock Hampton Bay cabinets at Home Depot here in Pittsburgh. Shaker cognac is the door style – sinilar to yours. I think I like the look of your cabinets more though. I believe we have Cabinets to Go here too. I will check them out. Thanks again – great blog site !!

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