Kitchen Demo, and Ralph Wiggum’s Pointy Kitty

Demo has begun on our kitchen, and we’ve made some good progress. After dinner last night, mr husband and Princess Chippy started removing the old cabinets.

Goodbye, old cabinets! They will likely get re-used in the garage.

When we removed the base cabinets from the other wall, a decade-old mystery was solved at last. I always claimed there was a musty smell in one of the base cabinets. No one else agreed with me, but hey, I’ve got a good nose. We never bothered to move the cabinet to find out why, partly because the ceramic counters were too heavy, and partly because, on some level, we didn’t really want to know.

Now this is embarassing to admit, but several years ago, from behind that very cabinet, we had a a four-footed visitor. Have you seen the episode of the Simpson’s where Bart and Ralph Wiggum take Chief Wiggum’s key to the city and go into the abandoned Springfield Penitentiary?

Ralph Wiggum from Dead Homer Society Blog

If so, you remember the key was stolen by what Ralph referred to as a “pointy kitty.” I couldn’t locate a video clip, but you can look it up in Urban Dictionary. Enough said. He scuttled around behind the stove, kept at bay by Rowley the gallant Golden Retriever, until he landed in a trap set by mr husband. I still shudder when I remember it. He was BIG!

My hero! No, really!

Anyway, immediately upon removing the cabinet, all  mysteries were solved. There, in the wall, was an old heating duct. Built on a slab, the original heating system used floor ducts buried in the concrete. They were replaced about 25 years ago, and should have been filled in with cement.

Alas, our home’s previous owner, whom we shall refer to as “That idiot who didn’t own a level” didn’t feel that was necessary, and simply slapped a cabinet down over the hole. WARNING: the next image may be disturbing. Or at least disgusting. This is what has been under my kitchen cabinet for the past 15 years:

How disgusting is that? And I thought I kept a pretty clean house.

The big blob at the right is spray foam. We found rubber bands, some pennies, and someone’s old math paper under there, too. We cleaned it up, and tonight mr husband will fill it with cement. Then we will be ready for new cabinets, which, by the way, should arrive tomorrow!

crazy old linoleum floor tiles are still in place. mr husband closed up the hole to keep cats in and vermin out!

Ah, the joys of home ownership!


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I'm a museum curator who lives with a wonderful husband, Rowley the golden Retriever, and 2 cats; Mr. Cookie, and Mabel the Magnificent.

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