Progress on the Kitchen; bumps in the road

It’s been a busy weekend around Claymire, but we are making progress on the kitchen. We managed to hang most of the upper cabinets on two walls:

You need a lot of imagination at this point to see what this will look like in the end.

Probably my favorite thing is the exterior venting for the hood – I have wanted it vented outside for years (and years and years and years), and it is finally happening!!

TADA!! No, mr husband is not the one who knocked all those holes in the wall, they were there from before. (Remember the "Idiot who didn't own a level? Apparently he DID own a hammer.)

Here is the dainty little vent from outside. We just need to touch up the paint.

This was easier to install than we thought. Actually, I was at work when he did it. It was probably a PITA.

We did have a few setbacks, though. One of the base cabinets was damaged in shipment, and one two of them were actually the wrong cabinets. I’ll be exchanging those today. Also, We didn’t order enough filler strips. We aren’t using totally custom cabinets, those there is a little finagling to be done to get everything to line up nicely.

I am putting these things together by myself now, it isn't really that difficult.

The biggest delay is this mess that was under the former sink.

nasty old water meter!

That’s our water service into the house. Why is it in the kitchen, you ask? This part of the kitchen was formerly the utility room. Some genius decided the kitchen should be bigger, but didn’t bother to really think it through. For years, we had a huge hole cut in the bottom of the sink base so this water meter would fit. Our wonderful, talented plumber, Paul, will be pulling it off, replacing the damaged pipe, cutting nice, neat holes in our new sink base, and putting it all back together again. What’s the delay, you ask? Our cash-strapped City doesn’t have many employees, so they can’t get out to shut off my water until Thursday. Sigh. I am not the most patient person.

Anyway, gives us a chance to move a poorly-placed gas valve and do some repair to that awful wall. It’s been an exhausting weekend, and it really doesn’t look like we accomplished much, but a lot of wiring was run, and a lot of things were measured, shimmed, fitted, etc., which takes time. Hopefully we can be measured for countertops in a week or so, and get the place back together before the annual visits of the relatives!

Meanwhile, the grass just keeps growing! (look at that, there's even a cabinet box in the back yard!)


About claymire cottage

I'm a museum curator who lives with a wonderful husband, Rowley the golden Retriever, and 2 cats; Mr. Cookie, and Mabel the Magnificent.

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