I signed up for this…

Mabel, our lovely first foster kitty, has started her two week trial visit with a potential adopter.

We dropped her off this morning to get acquainted with her potential new dad, who lives in a lovely old condo in Ann Arbor and is enjoying his first place that is truly his after leaving his parents’ home. He is only 23, and Mabel will be his first pet, except for fish.

I was happy to see the window in his living room is about 8 inches from the floor, so she will have a wonderful view of the deck and back yard so she can see birds and squirrels, and possibly nap in a warm patch of sun.

It was sad leaving her, but I felt happy that she has possibly found her “furrever” home. That was the goal, all along, when we took her to foster. If you have been following my posts, she was flea ridden, anemic, wormy, covered in sores, and was living in a hoarder’s home.

Six months later, she is fat, silky soft as velvet, happy, playful and pretty much a regular ol’cat!

Mabel and I definitely bonded

I feel so happy to have been able to help her along to a new life. Granted, she still needs to get used to her new home, and hopefully her new friend will give her time to adjust and show herself as she really is. Cats have difficult adjustments – they do not really embrace change the ways dogs do.

I will miss her, for sure. It wasn’t easy leaving her there, worrying about what her life will be from now on, but I know that this is what I signed up for as a foster parent for animals.
I needed a little retail therapy, so I headed to DSW, where mr husband and I found this pair of leather Bear Trap Boots:

Winter boots in June – crazy, right?

I had two coupons, and they were on clearance, with an extra 80% off – I ended up handing the sales clerk a penny. Yes, a penny! Much as I love sandals, in Michigan I spend at least 6 months a year in boots, so these will definitely get their use!

I wish our Mabel all the best in her new home. She has two weeks to decide if it will be permanent, but I can’t imagine someone not just falling in love with her. Our house has a hole, for sure, but this is what we hoped for all along.

Good luck, little friend, and happy trails…….

I will miss that little face


About claymire cottage

I'm a museum curator who lives with a wonderful husband, Rowley the golden Retriever, and 2 cats; Mr. Cookie, and Mabel the Magnificent.

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