Tiny Kittens – with Sunday Update!

Hi all,

You may or may not know that kitten season is upon us. In the rescue world, this is the time where all the unwanted/unplanned and unfortunate tiny kittens are born into a world that doesn’t seem to have enough homes for all of them.

Answering a call for help yesterday morning from my best friend, I rescued 4 tiny kittens who were in imminent danger of being eaten by two large, prey-driven dogs. The mother was nowhere to be found, and one of the hungry little guys wandered into the dogs’ yard. Fortunately, my friend was working in the garden, and was able to corral the dogs before they noticed the little grey ball of fluff.

When the phone rang, I was in the middle of my mending, (booooring), so welcomed the call. A call for help? Cat rescue woman is on the way! I grabbed my cat carrier, my cellphone and keys and was on the road in under a minute. There really is something to be said for my policy of ALWAYS being showered, dressed, made up and ready to roll at a minutes notice. You have to get up pretty early to catch me off guard!

I arrived on the scene and we started searching for kittens. They had retreated to the woodpile. We took it apart a little at a time and uncovered four little kittens.

The vet thinks they are barely 3 weeks old

I tucked them into the carrier and rushed off to the store for kitten formula. (okay, guess I’m not really prepared for anything.) The man at the pet store helped me choose KMR, which stands, rather predictably, for kitten milk replacement, two small kitten nursing bottles, and then warned me that, at least the two smaller ones, who weren’t moving much, would probably die.

It took a little persuasion to get them to eat from the bottle. Apparently, I neither smell nor act like a momcat, but eventually they caught on. The biggest guy, who I am calling Biff, doesn’t like the bottle, and would rather chew it, but either way, he gets the milk into his belly.

They eat round-robin style until they are all full, then it’s nappy time. This one is a tiger!

We visited the vet today, and he said their momcat had done a great job, and that I was doing okay, too. Even the smaller kittens are 8 ounces, and are no longer lethargic – they are active, noisey little balls of fur!

This is the girl. She is 8.5 ounces today. Her brothers are 8 ounces and 9 ounces.

Needless to say, it doesn’t get much cuter than this! They eat every 3-4 hours, so it is a round-the-clock job, at least for another week or so until they can start eating on their own, and learn to use a litter box.

Soooo sleepy after eating!

We have set a trap, and hope to catch the momcat, but it isn’t looking too encouraging. I would like to catch her, and have her tested for Feline Leukemia and other illnesses, and let her finish raising these little guys herself. Hopefully she will show up tonight. Either way, these guys are safe. Rowley dog wants to adopt them, and camps out by their crate, guarding them.

Mabel gets very upset if they cry – maybe she remembers her own babies, but these babies don’t smell right to her, so after she runs to their rescue, beats up the dog (he didn’t do ANYTHING!), she sniffs them, hisses and runs away!

Too much cuteness!

So now you know what I’ll be doing day and night for the next week or so! Hopefully we can find a foster who really knows what they are doing, but until then, I will do what I can to keep them happy and growing.

Update: The kittens are doing well, eating and growing and getting more active every time I feed them! We saw the momcat yesterday evening, and tried to trap her in a live trap, using the kittens as bait. She ignored them, and the can of tuna we put out. We think she probably belongs to someone who is either irresponsible or just ignorant of her reproductive activities.


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I'm a museum curator who lives with a wonderful husband, Rowley the golden Retriever, and 2 cats; Mr. Cookie, and Mabel the Magnificent.

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